Friday, January 25, 2008

Introducing Patches!

For Christmas my Great Uncle Pat and Aunt Kristen gave me a fuzzy green frog. It was love at first sight and now he's my best friend! Daddy named him Patches because he has a purple patch on his belly. I love to kiss and hug him and well, slobber all over him! Check us out!


Annabelle said...

Hi Ruby! I love your blog - your frog Patches looks like a lot of fun! Mommy feels bad because she kept meaning to send your mommy a card after you were born, and she kept forgetting (I was keeping her a little busy!). I hope I get to meet you someday! Love from your faraway friend Annabelle Maia

Susanne said...

Wow! Ruby really looks like Bob in this series of photos, especially the first one!