Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noodle Head

I'm sooooo over the "food-in-the-hair" phase that Ruby has going on, but she still thinks it's hilarious to smear whatever she's eating on her head. It's a nasty clean-up job, but at least I geta few good pictures out of every meal!!

St. Patrick's Day Poof!

Ball Baby Overall Mei Tei

The new addition to my family of baby carriers - The Ball Baby Overall (don't ask me why this pattern has that name!) I made it with scrap fabric, blue corduroy and blue and white with blue floral. Not the prettiest carrier, but it certainly is comfy and sturdy enough for even a toddler. I like this pattern a lot and will have to try it again with some nicer fabric!!

Learning About Crayons

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Tiny Tots Tea Room

Tiny Tots Tea Room is a genius blend of a relaxed cafe for moms and indoor play space for kids not far away from us in Clifton Park. I can't get over how smart this business idea is, and every time we go I start dreaming up plans to open my own "mom and kids" cafe someday - maybe in the Syracuse area where something like this would be SO successful. Ruby loves all the toys and interaction with other kids, and I love that I can catch up with friends over a latter or tea while she plays. Today was a gloomy day and just right for an outing like this. Ruby had a blast!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fancu New Yogurt Spa Treatment

Try the all-new Yogurt Spa Treatment!! It's all the rage with celebrities!


1. After eating an entire container of yogurt and a whole banana, beg Mama for more yogurt ("Go-Gut!! Go-Gut!!"). She'll give in and let you try the Lime flavor.

2. While mama is distracted, rub the entire contents of the yogurt container in your hair. Allow it to soak in until mama notices.

3. Avoid contact with eyes!

4. Enjoy your beautiful lime-scented head of hair!!

Mei Tai Morning!

I did it!!! I sewed my very own mei tai, an asian-inspired baby carrier. I tried to basically copy the shape of a Kozy carrier, which has a much larger body. I made this carrier intended for the new baby this summer, so it has a smaller body hat a ewborn won't get swallowed up in. I was pleasantly surprised that Ruby is just a little too tall to really fit, which tells me that I will probably be able to use this for baby #2 for about a year!! It's a pretty gender-neutral chocolate brown with baby blue spirals and flowers. I'm in love!!! I can't wait to make more!!