Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Talk about "Whole Foods!"

The other day while mama was unloading groceries in the kitchen, I snuck a huge tomato out of the bag. It was one of GiGi Sandy's fresh garden tomatoes and I LOVED it!!! Now tomatoes and their by-products are my favorite thing to eat! MMMMM.....

Ruby's Soul Food

Spotted in downtown Syracuse recently......

Jingle Bells

My very own "Ditty"

I really, really, really love animals, especially dogs and cats. I can even say "kitty" - it usually comes out "ditty" or "datteeee!!" but mama and daddy know I'm smart and know what i'm talking about!! My crazy Aunt Lindsey couldn't resist getting me this fluffly white kitty the purrs, responds to my touch and seems so real to me. I was so excited to finally be able to hold and squeeze a Ditty!!! Aunt Lindsey's the best!!

Adventures in Babysitting

Hi, Andrea and Alex! I hear you like to check my blog once in awhile. You are my favorite neighbors and I love when mama babysits for you! We always have so much fun!! By the way, you look fabulous wearing your "babies" the way mama wears me!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Berry Picking in August (Summer Memories!)

How quickly summer turns into fall!! Here are some older pictures from August of me picking wild blackberries with mama and our friends. I got to ride Grampy's 4-wheeler, too!!