Monday, January 28, 2008

Grammie Jo's Animal Menagerie

I can always expect a "zoo" of activity at Grammie Jo and Grampie's house in Hamilton. There are the two goats, Dudley and Dilbert, Isabella The Queen House Cat, Jack the Dog and the barn cats Moe and Beau. Dexter the Chihuahua and two big fat pigs named Bacon and Eggs used to live there, but they were before my time. On my latest visit, I got my first hands-on experience with animals and I LOVED it! Isabella is has soft gray fur that I loved petting and Jack was really excited to give me kisses!

Crazy Cowherds

This past weekend Mama and Daddy took me to Cazenovia to visit my Great Grandparents Janet and Bob Cowherd. We got lucky and also got to see Uncle Dan and Aunt Sue as well. Grandma Janet (I call her GG J) got this crazy idea to put me right on the dining room table so I could entertain everybody. Then Aunt Sue noticed how much I enjoyed staring at the chandelier so she hung my toys on it! Those Cowherds are CRAZY!

Later on I had fun chatting with Uncle Dan:

And then GG J and I settled down for a nice girl-talk!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Introducing Patches!

For Christmas my Great Uncle Pat and Aunt Kristen gave me a fuzzy green frog. It was love at first sight and now he's my best friend! Daddy named him Patches because he has a purple patch on his belly. I love to kiss and hug him and well, slobber all over him! Check us out!

My First Blog!

Well, as you all know, my mommy and daddy are infamously bad at keeping in touch, so I've decided to make this little blog to tell you all abut me! Now, no matter where in the world you are, you can visit me! The title of my blog comes from a Johnny Cash song that my daddy learned to play for me - "Rock N' Roll Ruby" - and I LOVE to dance to it! Be sure to watch the "youtube" videos of this song that I put here on my blog - it'll make you get up and boogie!!
Lately I've been very busy. I just had my 4 month birthday, you know! I have fun reading books and singing songs with Mommy at home all day. Sometimes we go on special outings to La Leche League meetings and Doula groups (my mama is such a HIPPIE! Sheesh!) where I get to play with other babies. Almost everyday Daddy comes home for lunch to see me and make me laugh. Peek-a-boo is the best game ever and I'm getting really good at it!
Our camera broke on Christmas day, but mommy and daddy just got a brand new one from Grandma Wendie so they have been busy catching up on nearly a month's worth of pictures of me! There are a lot of cute pictures of me with my big sheep, Albert. He was given to me by my wonderful "Auntie" Inga, who came all the way to Germany to be with my mommy when I was born.I'll be back to blog more later, but here are some of my latest fashion shoots for you to enjoy! Ciao!