Friday, March 28, 2008


I love my new bouncy chair!!! Enjoy the ridiculous videos made by my parents, who think every little thing I do is hilarious!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heaven Sent Toy

Yesterday mama and daddy caved on their strict "no plastic toys" ideals and bought me a bounce n' play station. At least it was second hand, therefore not paying in to this country's disgusting over consumption of plastic. I'm really lucky to have mostly cloth and wooden toys, which are safe and free of lead paint and a "made in China" label. In a utopian world, mama and daddy could avoid all ugly plastic baby gear, but this was one good exception.
The light shining down from heaven on this toy is not photo-shopped in.... it really happened! Mama thinks this toy really is from heaven.... while I played happily, she was able to run a load of laundry, do dishes, clean the living room and catch up on emails!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I had a very special Easter celebration earlier this week! We didn't travel home for Easter but had dinner with our "Troy Family" - the Aviles' and the Hernbergs! Helena is one of my best "big-girl" friends and she got right down on the floor and played with me. I just love her!!

Getting Teeth!

Mama is very proud to announce the arrival of two bottom teeth in my mouth! I've been a champ through teething, with only a few rough nights of sleeping less while my mouth has been hurting. Now that I'm a little bigger, I've been enjoying all kinds of teething remedies that mama is learning about. Teething biscuits are my absolute favorite new thing! I also LOVED munching on a mango pit with a little bit of sweet fruit still on it the other day... mmmmm!! Here are some cute pictures!

Playing With Daddy's Shoes

Friday, March 21, 2008

Baby Wearing

I just love riding around in my slings, carriers and wraps. "Babywearing" is something that mama started learning about when she worked as a Family Support Worker for teen moms. It's the idea that babies are carried around in the womb for 9 whole months and should get just as much closeness and cuddling even when they are out!

"Your baby got 24 hours of continuous holding and cuddling in the womb. When he's born, even if you hold him 12 hours a day, that's not enough -to him it's a 50% rip off!" - Famous Pediatrician Harvey Karp (wonder doctor extraordinaire and creator of 'Happiest Baby On The Block" - the wonderful soothing method that helped me calm down and sleep thrugh teh night!) always says.

That's why mama and I are involved in Capital District Sling Babies, a local chapter of "Nine In, Nine Out" that helps moms learn about the great benefits of Babywearing. If you want to learn more about babywearing, just ask my mama or check out

I've been in a sling or wrap since day one. Being in my pouch sling made nursing in public much easier and more private for mama and also gave her a free hand to do other things. Then when I got a little bigger she started carrying me in her German Didymos. Now I do it all... slings, wraps, carriers, you name it!!

Cuddled right next to mama's heart in my pretty pink Hotsling.Cozy in my Didymos sling and mama's jacket - how cute with my reindeer hat looking at a reindeer at Troy's Victorian Stroll.
Ergo Baby Carrier

This pretty paisley blue wrap was one that mama actually made herself!!! Shemade it by simply cutting a cool old tapestry rigth down the middle the long way and then sewing two ends together. All a wrap needs is strong fabric that is about two feet wide and 5-6 yards long. She decided to make it when she was inspired by a friend who came over one day wearing a gorgeous but rather expensive Gypsy Mama Wrap.

Just this morning, mama and I got adventurous and decided to try the famous "Rucksack"carry (see above), which involves getting me on her back and tying the fabric in a pretty cool way. It was fun and made me laugh!! Check out this video from youtube that taught mama how to do it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

On St. Patrick's Day Mama and I dressed up to match in GREEN, which also happen's to be Daddy's favorite color! I wore my super cool European Romper from Amsterdam that Auntie Inga gave me, and also a pretty green polo dress. How cute am I???

Here's a video of last year's Blessing of the Bar, at our favorite restuarant, Brown's. Our Pastor Ed from Terra Nova Church said a prayer over the bar (it's right next door to our church, which meets in a night club, Revolution Hall). We love our church. Where else can you hear the word of God and then go grab a good beer? (well, not beer for me....)

Anna Banana!!!

I love my cousin, Anna! She's only 4 months older than me but that makes her a really big girl in my eyes! We had a great visit recently and we played together a lot. Aunt Emma also has a new Puppy named Daisy and she was only half my size!

I Love My GiGi Sandy

My GG (Great Grandma, GiGi, Grandma Sandy, etc....) is one of my very favorite people! We had a great visit recently and I had fun rolling around o the very same blanket she used to lay out on the floor for Daddy and Aunt Lindsey when they were babies! I can't wait to get a little bigger so I can eat GiGi's famous cakes and pies! mmmmmmm... so much better than carrots and squash!

Papa's Camera

4 Months

1 Month
1 Month, with Gramie

3 days old

One Day Old

Here are some pretty cool shots of me throughout my first 4 months. It's a pretty nice perk having a photographer for a Grandpa!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Can Say "DADA!!!!"

So, my usual babbling of Goos, Eee's and Hoo's has become slightly more sophisticated with the addition of a new consonant - D!!!! Mama was letting me play on the floor next to her tonight and I was just chatting away with my toes when she clearly heard me say "Dadadadada". Holy cow, am I smart or what?????

Babies, Babies, Babies!!!!

I just LOVE other kids and babies!! I talk so much when I see them!

Here I am with adorable 3 month old Schuyler.... I love her bright RED hair and always want to get my hands on it!!! My mama helped her mommy when she was pregnant and when she was in labor, too! Now we're all buddies!!

And here are two videos from my latest visit with Jackson, mama's college friend Danielle's baby boy. He's only 2 months and is really big for his age, but look at what a GIANT I am next to him! Whoa!!


Mama-Baby Potluck

Today I had a bunch of friends over to play (their mama's came too, of course!)!! We had so much fun! I go way back with some of these kiddos... as far as gestation with some! Mama met their mommies in birth classes, La Leche League, college and places she used to work. There were at least 10 mamas with their babies here in our little apartment and it was a tight squeeze but it was a blast!!!

Here's a special picture from the potluck of me with my gal-pal Scarlett! Her mama went to college with my mama and she was born just 4 days after me, and we both have beautiful RED names!!!