Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm getting SO close to crawling!

My favorite toys are not toys! This is my very favorite thing to do - ---

My First Bite Out of the Big Apple!

Well, Mama has a lot of bloggin' to do today because she's very behind. Of course the most exciting blog is of our little trip to NYC this week. There aren't many pictures of our sightseeing since mama and I were on our own walking around most of the time, and couldn't get many of us together. We had a wonderful time shopping, people watching, and walking from one side of the city to another (Mama carried me in the Ergo the whole time!) I was amazed at the sights and smiled at everyone and lots of strangers oohed and aahhed over me while I was sleeping in my carrier! Now that mama knows how easy it is to take me to the city on the train, we will make many more trips down to see Aunt Robin (Bobbie) and other friends!

I'm so cool, they named a restaurant after me!!

Chillin' out in the comfy King-sized bed in my first hotel room ever, in the Flatotel Hotel.

I loved meeting my Auntie Carolyn from Germany, finally! We met up at the UNICEF plaza where she is doing an internship in women's organizations and social responsiblity at the UN. She is one of mama's dearest friends and I LOVE her!

Aunt Bobbie kept trying to sneak me bites of everything she and mama were eating at a lovely Greek restaurant, but what I really wanted was a taste of her wine!

Here I am in Aunt Bobbie's beautiful corner office right on Broadway in Manhattan. We called Grammie Jo on the phone and I was very confused because Grammie and Auntie sound so much alike and look alike, too! We decided Aunt Bobbie would have to be called "Auntie Grammie".

We visited nearly half a dozen of the thousands of Starbucks in the city (only place with a good bathroom!!) and this one had a cool art display about their logo, the Siren - which is what my middle name, Lorelei means! Pretty neato!