Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gymnastics and THE Cheese Pit

Today Ruby and I joined some friends from a Syracuse Homeschooling group at GC2- a huge indoor gymnastics center that the group rents out for a playdate a couple of times a month. We met up with Kristen, Judd and Libby, which Ruby was very excited about! Ruby was one of the youngest kids in the group at just 2, but that sure didn't stop her from joining in on the fun! The Cheese Pit was a big highlight of our time! It's a 5 1/2 foot pit with a trampoline floor filled with foam squares. I climbed in to help her at one point and thought I would never make it out, it was so hard to maneuver in there! The kiddos had a blast! Sorry for the blurry pictures..
. she couldn't stop wiggling, of course!

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Flora said...

How utterly adorable little children!!!