Monday, October 19, 2009

Playroom Gets a Makeover - Bright, Cozy & Sunny Yellow!

We've finally painted our sunny little playroom! I could have learned to live with the bright orange-y, salmon-y color that was left by the previous owners, but Bob didn't like it and it really wasn't jiving with the rest of the colors we chose for the house. Inspired by Waldorf schools and blogs from other creative parents, I set out to design a cozy place where our kids can relax, dream, play, imagine and create. The "Golden Slumber" yellow paint that I chose dried a little darker and more intense than I had wanted, but overall it works and I think the color will pep up the dreary CNY winter days ahead of us. One of my favorite parts of the new room is the Flower Fairy letters from artist Melissa Sweet... adorable!! Ruby and I have spent a lot of time dyeing playsilks (hanging from the mirrors next to her art table) in an array of colors, and she uses them daily in her imaginitive play, from dress-up clothes to baby blankets! I also love our cozy little "fireplace" which looks a lot better than a regular space heater would! I'm sure we'll be spending lots of time cuddled on the soft faux- flotaki rug in front of our little fire, reading books this winter! This by far has been the most fun of all the rooms in the new house to makeover!!

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Rebecca said...

Very cute! Love it - and looks like a great house with lots of windows to let in the sun.