Monday, June 16, 2008

Country Baby

Last night we spent yet another beautiful evening at our friends Joe Rebecca and Helena's "farm". WE loved admiring their HUGE veggie and herb gardens , now in full bloom, and I loved visiting their fluffy hens! Everytime we visit mama leaves with dreams of living closer to the earth, kicking it old school like Laura Ingalls Wilder in The Little House on the Prairie. We love you guys! Thanks for filling our bellies with yummy food, our lungs with fresh country air and our minds with new perspective from city life!!

The men-folk had fun doing manly things - tearing down dead branches and making a fire while the women-folk chatted about cloth diapers, birth and babies..... as usual!!

I took a refreshing dip in Helena's wadding pool!

I has so much fun playing my very favorite game with Helena - Peek-a-boo! I even said "boo!" for the very first time!

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