Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mama-Baby Potluck

Today I had a bunch of friends over to play (their mama's came too, of course!)!! We had so much fun! I go way back with some of these kiddos... as far as gestation with some! Mama met their mommies in birth classes, La Leche League, college and places she used to work. There were at least 10 mamas with their babies here in our little apartment and it was a tight squeeze but it was a blast!!!

Here's a special picture from the potluck of me with my gal-pal Scarlett! Her mama went to college with my mama and she was born just 4 days after me, and we both have beautiful RED names!!!

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Rebecca said...

looks like lots of fun! can you imagine how helena would have been going crazy over all those babies if i'd brought her?